Unlocking Value with Rigour and Research

Developing a successful system is no easy task. But with our years of continuous research reviewing various algorithmic trading designs and strategies, we eventually narrowed our strategy down to one methodology

The Methodology

The MGI Fund system today marks the culmination of our efforts and the deployment of trading elements that have been proven to be effective. We want to continuously think outside the box, not being restricted by benchmarks or norms.

Reverse Trade Execution

Modelled after the Market-Maker strategies of currency brokerages, our fund manager created a system that receives and processes trade data. The worst trades from each pool of data are selected, and the trades are executed in reverse.

By reversing the worst trades, a stellar performance is achieved.

Sustainable Success

By committing to numerous micro-trades instead of concentrating on a few large trades, the level of risk is reduced.

The summation of small profits from numerous trades are far more consistent than that of a few large trades.

Take your investments to the next level with MGI.

We are a hedge fund for accredited investors and institutions, focused on delivering a regular income stream to both institutional investors and individual investors, while protecting investors’ capital from the volatility of the market.

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