Fund Performance

Consistent 30% year-on-year growth

In the years between 2015-2020, we’ve consistently outperformed the benchmark, generating a minimum of 30% per year. 

28% growth in 2021

With our continuous dedication and expertise, we’ve been able to achieve a 28% growth in 2021, despite the ongoing global pandemic.

>$50 Million Assets Managed

Over the past 8 years since its inception, MGI Fund has expanded its portfolio of managed assets growing it to >$50 million. Our clientele are in the high net worth segment and our global community has been expanding at a rapid pace. Corporate and institutional funds have also played a significant role in our growth.

Take your investments to the next level with MGI.

We are a hedge fund for accredited investors and institutions, focused on delivering a regular income stream to both institutional investors and individual investors, while protecting investors’ capital from the volatility of the market.

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